hii~ i am alina aka teidesu 🌸 full-time js/ts developer part-time anime girl more about me as a dev on my GitHub page donate me: *here* extremely interesting info (no) birthday: july 25 (leo ♌) langs: 🇷🇺 native, 🇬🇧 c1, javascript native fav color: #be15dc
fav flower: cherry blossom 🌸, lilac fav animal: axolotl fav anime: nichijou fav music: hyperpop, digicore, happy hardcore. also last.fm contact me (in order of preference): telegram: @teidumb fedi: @[email protected] imessage: alina [аt] tei [dot] su email: alina [аt] tei [dot] su phone: secret :p post pigeons: please don't testimonials from REAL people
why yes i stole the idea from astra
"lil purry cat(cute!)" - sanspie
"today she asks to dm her "tomato", tomorrow she'll ask to sign over apartment to her" - attorelle
"why are you in my walls why are you in my walls why are you in my walls why are you in my walls" - astra
"i knew a girl with the same name in my childhood" - wffl
"okay okay, i will write a review for you please don't be offended" - mo
"i like to write all sorts of cute phrases on other people's websites when nobody asks about it. meow." - svpra
"i like cute anime girls (oops it's you) <3" - toil
// write yours to @teidumb
top secret sub-pages: - nudes: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
// a lot of them, actually
- cheerio: cheerio repl for debugging and stuff
// made in 20 minutes, use it all the time, very useful /srs
- ataturk-thing.html: random turkish id generator
// why? i dont even remember. maybe i tried bypassing kyc somewhere...
- dump.php: returns get params as json
// literally echo json_encode($_GET)
- penis.php: uhm.. yea.
// with random padding!
- oauth.blank.html: thingy for redirect_uri
// i promise it doesn't collect your tokens
- proxifier.html: proxifier keygen
// basically a port of some c# implementation bc im lazy
- spring.html: no idea
// spring physics in ui are fun
- test_voice.ogg: фильм земляне 2005 года смотреть всем
// libopus encoded, valid for telegram
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