hii~ i am Alisa aka teidesu. student, weeb, part-time anime girl, js/ts developer based in Moscow more about my life as a dev on my GitHub page btw subscribe to my tg channel (ru): @teispam pretty empty here, huh? maybe someday i'll make a cool landing with 3d and anime girls... random weird video: *here* (just a few of them though) donate me: *here* extremely interesting info (no) birthday: july 25 (leo) langs: 🇷🇺 native, 🇬🇧 c1 fav color: #be15dc
fav flower: cherry blossom 🌸, lilac (no emoji) fav animal: dolphins 🐬 fav anime: nichijou (shiki/mal/anilist) fav artists: - music: japanese/edm
tuyu, yorushika, kano, kaf, takayan, kotori, synthion, eliminate, sharks, ace aura, ipsiom, porter robinson, zeol, syzy
- arts:
himitsu, arsenixc, wasabi60, chihuri and a bunch i dont remember
contact me (in order of preference): telegram: @teidumb email: me [at] tei [dot] su phone: secret :p post pigeons: please don't total page views so far: 13267